Keep Cost Down with Spray-On Siding

Adding a protective covering your house can be an overwhelming job, but spray on siding is a relatively easy and inexpensive option.  Other options include painting, which is time consuming and expensive. Paint has to be applied and reapplied regularly as it wears off. There is also synthetic siding which is longer lasting and more durable than paint. However, this too is expensive and includes repair and maintenance costs over time. Plus, synthetic siding often changes the entire look and feel of your home, often for the worse.

One of the great advantages to spray on siding is that it will remove the need to ever paint your home again. It is a material much like vinyl, made of polymers and resins. It has a very long life, usually 30 years or more, and it has the same strength to protect the surface of your home as paint or other siding materials available. Although some vinyl siding can significantly alter the look of your home, spray on siding will retain the traditional look. Plus, there is no maintenance or upkeep like vinyl siding or other siding products.

How Does It Save Money?

You end up saving money over time because you only have to spray it on once and it will last for significantly more years than a traditional paint job. It also covers the surface more effectively and smoothly than paint and retains its fresh look over time. Compared to other alternative siding possibilities, it has the benefit of not requiring ugly nails or other hardware to hang it. Plus, you will save money on replacing any individual pieces of siding that come loose, become damaged or sag. Further, because it is a liquid, literally thousands of color choices can be mixed for you to choose from. In summary, like paint, you have many options as far as design but you also have the longevity and resiliency of alternative synthetic siding options without all the hassle. Therefore, you can keep costs down over time without giving up design choice and style.

Other Benefits

Liquid siding can be sprayed onto to almost any surface material, like stucco, wood, more vinyl, galvanized steel, brick, aluminum and concrete surfaces. So, the bottom line is, no matter what material you already have on your home, you can apply the spray on siding right over it and save the cost of removing the pre-existing siding material. Also, regardless of what material it is covering, it will not split, crack, blister, bubble, or flake off. It also naturally resists dirt better than paint which saves you money in cleaning and repairs.

Use Caution and Buy Smart

The company you choose to apply the siding must be reputable. There are preparation steps involved and specific procedures for application. So, check the company’s references before you let them begin. If the contractor does not offer a 100 percent guarantee on the service and the product as well as a warranty, which you can get up to 30 years, be wary of using them for the job. Any company worth it’s price will offer these types of guarantees.