Keep Moths Out Of Your Home And Garden Keep Moths Out Of Your Home And Garden

Although moths do not bite or sting, many people consider them pests because they eat fabrics and foods. Clothes moths are attracted to fabrics and eat holes out of clothing and sheets while pantry moths and flour moths are drawn to places where food is stored.

Steps for Keeping Moths out of Your Home

Be sure that your house is sealed and that no windows or doors are left open. Moths are attracted to light, so leave outside lights off at night if possible. Seal up any holes where moths may enter. If you would like to keep a door open for extended periods of time, consider installing a bug screen to prevent moths from coming inside.

In case moths do get inside your house, make sure that they do not have access to a food supply. Keep your kitchen and closets clean and free of food debris. It may be helpful to seal extra clothing or other fabrics in plastic bags. Mothballs or other moth repellents are an effective defense against moths but these products may be toxic or harmful to humans as well.

Moths are not harmful to humans but they can ruin clothing and food. Take these precautions to guard your home and protect your closets and pantry from moths.



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