Keep Your Clothes Closet Organized Keep Your Clothes Closet Organized

Having an organized clothes closet will allow you to find an article of your clothing with great ease. These simple organizing steps will help you find just the right place for all of your clothes.

Step 1 - Put Up Shelving

The first key to an organized clothes closet is determining your shelving and hanging needs. Do you have many full-length dresses, or mostly shirts and slacks? Do you need drawers for lots of accessories? If you have sweaters or other items that store folded flat and only a few shirts or skirts that hang up, plan for more shelf space, with shelf dividers to keep items stacked neatly. Don’t forget space to store your shoes as well.

Once you have a handle on what kinds of storage space you need in a clothes closet, install modular storage or adjustable wire shelving in a configuration that gives you plenty of hanging space and bin or shelf space within easy reach. Shoe storage should be convenient. Using modular and adjustable shelving allows you to alter the closet arrangement in the future as your storage needs change.

Step 2 - Give Everyone Space

If the clothes closet is going to be shared by more than one person, designate a section for each person’s clothes. When children share a clothes closet, a physical divider between the sections, even as little as a strip of colored tape on the closet rod, can help keep the peace.

Step 3 - Group by Type of Garment

With each person’s section, start the organization scheme by keeping like items together. Hanging blouses together, away from dresses and long skirts, provides room to add an adjustable closet rod below the shirts if you need more hanging space.

Keeping work attire together helps organize and streamline the morning preparation routine. Even more, since you aren’t fumbling through casual clothes to find business clothes, your newly-organized clothes closet stays that way, and the clothes stay neatly pressed.

The one exception to this step is if you have multi-piece outfits. Keep all elements of a suit hung together on a suit hanger that keeps the trousers or skirt with the jacket.

Step 4 - Group by Color

Within each type of garment, hang individual items with patterns grouped together, and following a color gradient. Hanging clothes according to position on the color wheel may be a small touch, but the smooth progression of color makes an organized closet look neat. Color grouping also makes getting dressed easier, since you don’t have to look through everything to find a top that matches.

Step 5 - Keep Frequently-Worn Items Front and Center

To keep an organized clothes closet tidy, keep clothes you wear most often in the most accessible positions. Conversely, items you don’t wear often should be placed to the sides of the closet rod or on the upper shelves. A bin or basket on the top shelf of the closet can keep the seldom-used items from getting lost in the corners.

Step 6 - Put Everything Away

An tidy clothes closet can descend into chaos quickly if you don’t make a point to put your clothes back in their designated place every time.

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