Keep Your Dock Storage Box Clean: 5 Tips

boat tied to a dock

Boat owners find that their dock storage box is among their most useful dock accessories. While many types of dock design allow dock storage boxes to be attached permanently to the dock, this often makes them difficult to clean. Use the tips below as a guide to keeping your dock storage box clean and well-organized.

Weatherproof Dock Storage Boxes

Most dock storage boxes are made of weatherproof and crush-resistant fiberglass, that resists heat and cold and will not change color after long exposure to sunlight. The interiors are smoothly finished, with gas-cylinder lid supports that hold the lid open even in high winds. Waterproof dock storage boxes are thus very easy to clean.

How to Clean a Dock Storage Box

Use cold water and a mild liquid detergent to clean your dock box. A chlorine-free bathroom or kitchen cleaner spray used on tiles is equally effective. Avoid using any scrapers or steel wool pads on your dock storage box as these will scratch the finish, allowing stains to penetrate. Do not use chlorine bleach, as it will, over time, break down the fiberglass. Wipe down with a soft lint-free cloth or a new sponge. Rinse thoroughly with water from a hose, and dry with paper towels or a chamois. Ensure you remove as much moisture as possible. Allow a few minutes for the box to air-dry before refilling it.

Proper Use of a Dock Storage Box

Use the correct-sized box for your needs. Buy a long shallow box to store masts and oars. A triangular box on a dock corner will hold plenty of essentials while being out of the dock traffic. Use dividers and trays in the dock storage box to hold small items such as fishing tackle and lines. To keep bottles, coiled ropes and power cords in place, install a dock box organizer made of webbed polyethylene. Attach it to the dock box wall with adhesive velcro strips. Insert the bottles and cables into the webbed sections.

What Not to Keep in a Dock Storage Box

Do not store food, alcohol or carbonated liquids in your dock storage box. These items can draw insects and promote the growth of molds. Do not store any flammables in your dock storage box, for the safety of yourself and other boat owners.

How to Use a Dock Box for Security

Never walk away from your dock storage box with its lid wide open. Keep pets and small children away from the dock box. It is a storage unit, not a toy box or a trash can.

Use a padlock or case-hardened combination lock with a hasp up to 5/16 inch in diameter for security. Always keep an up-to-date inventory of what you have in your dock storage box. When your boat comes ashore for the winter, take your dock storage box home too.

A clean, well-organized, secure dock storage box will help you maintain your boat and equipment in readiness for fun on the water.