Keeping a Marble Fireplace Stain-Free

Keeping a marble fireplace stain free can be a challenge, but is not impossible. Here are some steps you can take.

Step 1 – Prevent Material From Reaching Fireplace
Marble is porous and absorbs products that are left on it. So the best way to keep a marble fireplace free from stains is to clean it quickly or avoid allowing items on it that could stain.

Sweep up any ash very quickly, and keep liquids away from the fireplace, especially dark liquids. Store the fireplace tools to the side, off of the marble, to prevent rust marks.

Step 2 – Seal the Marble
Using a high quality sealer, spread the coating evenly over the marble surface. These sealers protect the stone, particularly from water damage, and slow the staining of the stone.

They should last for up to ten years.

Step 3 – Remove Stains
If you do get a stain, you should remove it quickly with a non-abrasive cleaner. Avoid using chemicals such as vinegar or harsh cleaners, as they will break down the finish of the marble and can etch the surface.

Using a simply baking powder and hot water, rub with a soft cloth. If the baking powder doesn’t work, try a commercial marble cleaner from the store.