Scarf Valance 101

A scarf valance window treatment.

The scarf valance is a highly versatile window treatment and looks great on just about any window. They are highly customizable, as options range from fabric color and type, to the style of the hang. Below is some information if you’re looking to add a little elegance or flare to your room.

Basic Scarf Valance

Your basic scarf valance is made from one long piece of fabric, usually lightweight and sheer, and is most often seen hanging on windows. They are typically draped across the ends of curtain rods, with a sagging swoop in the middle while the excess hangs on either side, creating a “frame” around a boring window or around bland shades and blinds. If no curtain rod is available, any sort of decorative wall hook, valance, or ring can be used.

It is best to have a second pair of eyes available when hanging a scarf valance, standing back and checking the balance while you’re up on a ladder.

Getting Creative

There are many other creative ways to go about hanging a scarf valance. Around a wide window, or a set of very close windows, try pinning scarves together in the middle so that they hang down the middle as well as the sides. You can also pin them up so they sag in multiple places along the top of the window if one sag is too big, or wrap it loosely around the curtain rod for a similar effect.

Don’t be afraid to get creative elsewhere. Other useful places for a scarf valance include hanging from a canopy bed, draping over your bed frame, or draping loosely over your dresser top.