Keeping Bees away from Birdbaths

Bees can be quite a nuisance in the summer months when they want to use a birdbath. Like all living beings, bees also need water to cool off in the hot summer. There has to be an alternate water source available so that the bees and other insects can be discouraged from using the birdbath.

Following are four tips on how to get bees away from the birdbath.

  1. Provide an alternate source of water for the bees. Use a dish that is yellow, blue or white in color. It should be a shallow dish that bees can drink easily from.
  2. In order for the bees to land safely and drink, place small stones or gravel in the dish and then fill it with water. The stones will provide a landing spot for the bees.
  3. For a few days, empty out the birdbath so the bees can start drinking from their new drinking dish. Place it away from the birdbath in a quiet place where the bees can drink without being disturbed.
  4. You can also invest in a bee pond. Fill a bucket or pot with water and add some stones and aquatic plants to it. Put the pond in a quiet part of the garden and hope the bees adopt it as a new drinking place.