Keeping Cool at Night without an Air Conditioner

Attempting to cool off by sleeping in the fridge.  Don't try this at home.
What You'll Need
Window Fan
Whole house fan
Ceiling fan

Sometimes, keeping cool without an air conditioner on a hot summer night may seem impossible, but it can be done. To get an uninterrupted night’s sleep, you have to do your best at cooling down before you hit the bed. There are several useful techniques that can help you combat the heat of summer night weather.

Avoid Heating Your Home and Your Body

If the heat is intense, avoid cooking. The heat from stoves and ovens play a significant part in heating up your home. To cut down on cooking, eat cold foods such as salads, sandwiches, and fruit juice. The consumption of cool foods and liquids will also help in lowering your body temperature.

Also, avoid coffee, pop, and alcohol completely, as they will keep you up at night and dehydrate your body of essential liquids. Foods such as ice cream, watermelon, and cucumber are great choices. Hot food will increase your body temperature, making you more ill-at-ease during the night. During the day, use thick drapes to block the sunlight and prevent overheating your home.

Ventilate the Room

During the day, your home is getting a continuous dose of heat from the sun. During the night, the weather cools down, but your home still retains much of the heat. By opening some windows and enabling cross-ventilation, you can deplete most of the heat indoors. Whole house fans work great to suck out the hot air from a home, and replace it with cool air from the outdoors. Window fans are also very useful in displacing hot air.

If you have a ceiling fan in the bedroom, turn it on and make sure it is blowing air downwards. This will help you cool down quickly. If you have a multilevel home, go to the lowest level to sleep. It may already be cool enough for you to sleep without any effort.

Get Ready for Bed

Before heading for bed, take a cool shower. Avoid synthetic fabrics and dark materials, stick to light-colored cottons.

Take a bucket full of ice water to the bedroom, and place it in the path of the fan, so that it will cool down the air blowing towards you. A good trick is to dampen and freeze a thin bed sheet during the day. At night, take it out, and drape it across an open window. as the cold water evaporates it draws heat out of the air and cools the room.

Keep a towel and a bowl of ice water next to the bed. If you feel hot, wet the towel and keep it on your pulse points. This will quickly cool the passing blood, and thereby cool down your body. Avoid tossing and turning, as the movement will only heat up your body further. Avoid crunching or folding your arms and legs while sleeping. Spread your arms and legs wide so the heat can escape from your body.