Keeping Gas Fire Pits Safe

Many home-owners prefer the ease of use and convenience of gas fire pits in their yards. Gas fire pits are relatively cheaper than other outdoor fireplaces because they do not need wood. They are more environment-friendly, and are easier to clean. However, gas fire pits need to be operated with caution, because if there is a leak or some accident, things can quickly get out of hand. You can safely operate your gas fire pit by following a few precautions.


Make sure you read the instruction manual thoroughly before installing the gas fire pit. If you are using gas supply from your home, a qualified installer or gas supplier must install the piping assembly and connect the gas supply to the fire pit.

Select a Secure Location

Gas fire pits must be located at a safe distance from your house, outhouse or garage. Never install a gas fire pit close to a power source, or overhanging power cables. Also, before you decide on the installation spot, make sure that there are no electric cables under the ground. Generally, a distance of at least 3 meters from nearby structures is recommended. Never use portable gas fire pits inside your home. Fire pits are only meant for outdoor use.

Clean Regularly

Regularly sweep the area around the gas fire pit and clear any twigs, dry leaves, and paper. Never leave any combustible material around the vicinity of a gas fire pit. After you clear the area, store the broom at a safe distance from the fire pit. You must also clean the fire pit and the burners regularly to prevent any blocks in the passage.

Check for Gas Leaks

Rule out the possibility of a gas leak before you light the fire pit. If you smell gas, do not light the fire pit. Call the gas supplier or the fire department immediately.

Consider the Wind Factor

Consider the strength and direction of the wind before you light the fire. A strong wind can quickly lead to huge flames, which could be difficult to control. It is best to wait till the winds have subsided, before you light the fire. A metal mesh screen over the fire pit would also come in handy. It helps to prevent the spread of fire by containing the sparks, and also lessens the effect of wind on the flame.

Keep First Aid Handy

Always have first aid handy. Walk slowly when you approach the fire pit. Be very careful when inspecting the fire pit or lighting it. Never let children run around the fire pit, and make sure they are sitting or playing a very safe distance away.

Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy

Always keep a fire extinguisher or water hose nearby. In case a fire gets out of control, you can use either of these to contain the flames. If you are planning a fire pit cooking session, make sure that the fire pit is always supervised.

Supervise Children

An adult must always be present around a gas fire pit. Even after you turn it off, the fire pit will be considerably hot for some time. Children must never be left alone or unsupervised near a gas fire pit, even if it is turned off. Also, never leave the area before the fire is completely put out.