Keeping Glazed Porcelain Tile Clean

Glazed porcelain tile can be used to create a decorative and waterproof floor, suitable for a number of different rooms. Keeping it clean is part of the maintenance procedure which will ensure that it remains in good condition.


Sweep or vacuum up any dry loose debris, before undertaking any more extensive cleaning. This will help you avoid scratching the surface. Make sure you pay particular attention to the joint where one tile adjoins another.  


Use only non-abrasive cloths and chemical-free cleaning solutions, to ensure the finish of the glazed porcelain tile remains unaffected. When using a cleaning solution, make sure that it doesn’t leave any residue. Have 2 separate cloths handy when completing the work, 1 for cleaning and 1 to dry the surface afterward.  


Sweep the tile floor in 1 direction, to ensure this step is undertaken methodically and thoroughly. Dilute 1/2 cup of white vinegar, or other suitable cleaning solution, in a bucket 3/4 quarters full of tepid water. Dampen a cloth by wringing it gently after soaking it in the solution. Use this to wipe the surface, methodically working across the entire area. Buff it dry with a clean dry cloth afterward.