Keeping Moles Away from Your Compost Bin

Moles can be vexing garden pests and perhaps you've been battling with keeping them away from your compost bin. Compost attracts moles as it usually contains worms and live insects that make a perfect source of food for moles. Moles can tirelessly dig tunnels around the bin in an effort to get at the compost which could yield some food for them. You may have tried several times to get rid of them but to no avail. Here below are suggestions for effectively keeping moles away from the compost.

Mole Trappers

Mole trappers provide the quickest and most effective way of trapping moles and controlling the nuisance they can be. Some trappers are placed above the ground while others can be fitted inside the mole tunnels. It is best to place them wherever you identify the main tunnels or nesting dens so they will trap more moles. Should any of the tunnels re-emerge after you trap the moles, you will have to put more trappers in place. The key to successfully trapping moles is to accurately locate the main tunnels and nesting dens.

Mole Bait

Use mole bait around the compost area. Spread enough of the bait all around the compost bin, leaving about 10 feet between placements. If you have an open bottom compost site you should also place several baits around the site. The most effective baits are those which use insects to attract the moles as the moles will quickly be drawn to the bait. To boost efficacy, remember to place some bait close to the main tunnels. The inclusion of ground worms in the bait serves to draw the moles even faster. Once the moles have fed on the bait, they die very soon.

Mole Repellent

When applied to the ground, repellent gives the soil a terrible taste which effectively puts off foraging moles. The moles will be driven away to seek food from other areas. Apply the repellent to the ground at places where you observe mole activity and especially around your compost bin. The repellent comes in a spray container so you can easily spray it onto the desired spots. There are also repellent granules available that you can spread on the ground over the problem areas. Apply some water over the granules to activate the repellent. Alternatively, you can adopt a combined strategy. Use the repellent spray over the repellent granules to activate them and boost the efficacy of both products. Once applied, you need not re-reapply the repellent for several months because it has a long-lasting efficacy.

Sound Devices

Certain ultra sounds have an impact on moles, causing them irritation. Obtain a sound device known for its annoying effect on moles. Sound devices are convenient because they protrude very little from the ground and can remain fairly well hidden. Locate the main tunnels and nesting dens and place the sound device. For greater efficiency, place sound devices around your property especially at fencing lines and corners. It will also help in keeping moles off your property--especially if they are an active nuisance on your neighbor's property.