Keeping Motorcycle Tool Kits to the Bare Necessities

person working on a burgundy-colored motorcycle

Motorcyclists who want to keep their bikes in good road condition will want to invest in basic motorcycle tool kit. A complete kit will contain the following tools:

1. Jumper Cables

Always carry is a pair of motorcycle jumper cables to charge a weak battery. You will just need to connect to another rider’s battery to give your low battery a jump.

2. Wrenches

set of Allen wrenches

A set of Allen wrenches is important since repair work may require tightening and loosening of fasteners. Before you buy a set, inquire as to what standards the fasteners on your bike adhere to. For the sake of the bolts and nuts you will also need crescent wrenches in both the small and medium size range. Seasoned riders will tell you that an occasional tightening is required.

3. Screwdriver

Along with the wrenches include a screwdriver - a flat head preferably - with a magnetized tip. Not only will this screwdriver reach deep, it will also lift fallen fasteners on your behalf. A combo screwdriver is another good tool for your kit because it has interchangeable heads allowing you to affix both Philips screws and flatheads.

4. Pliers

The use of pliers as a grip makes it possible for you to tighten and straighten during repair work. Pliers are also very handy as a light weight and can be used to tap stubborn bends and joints. Multipurpose tools like the Swiss Army Knife have been favored by riders on long road trips.

5. Tire Pressure Gauge & Patch Kit

Punctures are all too common while on the road. A patch kit similar to the one carried by bicycle riders will save you lots of anguish. Alongside the repair kit pack a pressure gauge.