Keeping Your Popcorn Ceiling Clean

Popcorn ceiling.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20
What You'll Need
Wet dry vacuum cleaning
Wide paint brush
Damp wash cloth
Mild dish soap

The popcorn ceiling was a common ceiling during the residential construction boom of the late seventies and early eighties when contractors needed a quick option for finishing ceilings. A sprayed-on stucco mixture was used to quickly put up a "popcorn" textured ceiling. Homeowners often find that when remodeling, it is easier to refurbish popcorn ceilings than replace them. With a few common household items, you can easily clean your popcorn ceiling looking fresh and new.

Option One - Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

For general cleaning of the popcorn ceiling, you can give it a quick run over with a wet-dry vacuum cleaner. A brush attachment will remove any dust particles and spiderwebs.

Option Two - Wide Painting Brush

For a deeper cleaning of the ceiling, tape a wide, fine bristled painting brush to a broom handle and go over the ceiling with it. Dampen it a little so the dust will collect on the bristles.

Option Three - Damp Wash Cloth

Periodically, wash the ceiling with a damp washcloth and some mild dish soap. Be gentle to avoid damaging the texture. If this happens, repair it with a can of popcorn ceiling patch.