Keeping Topiary Plants Indoors Keeping Topiary Plants Indoors

Common household plants like ivy and fragrant herbs like lavender can be used to create beautiful indoor topiary plants. Topiary plants are simple to create from common household items. They also require only a small amount of time and effort to establish and maintain them. 

Topiary Preparation

To create your indoor topiary you will need the a few items. You will need to gather together: a sturdy pot, potting soil, a wire coat hanger, wire cutters, pliers, twist ties and your plant of choice. Place the items on a hard, flat work surface. Fill your flower pot with potting soil.

Creating the Topiary Frame

Using your pliers, carefully bend and twist the wire hanger into the shape you would like for your topiary. Secure your wire hanger topiary frame into your filled flower pot.

Weaving Your Plant

Transplant your plant of choice into the flower pot with the frame. Water the plant well. As the plant grows, weave its stem and leaves through your topiary frame. Use the twist ties to secure the plant to the wire. Make sure your plant has enough light, water and fertilizer. Continue weaving the plant through the frame as it gets bigger. Trim the plant with scissor if becomes overgrown.

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