Keeping Wet Grass from Sticking to Lawn Mower Blades

Preparing your lawn mower for proper use is like preparing your kitchen cast iron pan before use. Grass sticking to the underside of the lawn mower and to the lawn mower blades is a common problem. When this occurs, the lawn mower works harder, it uses more gas and has a higher rate of stalling mid cut. Like the cast iron, here is a quick and easy application to help prevent wet grass from sticking to the blades.

Preparing Your Lawn Mower

The lawn mower should be turned off completely. Allow it to cool off. Turn the lawn mower over on its side. Expose the blades and under belly of the machine. Wipe your lawn mower clean using warm water and a rag. Remove any and all grass from the blades.

Greasing and Lubricating the Lawn Mower Blades

Taking a clean paper towel, apply a generous amount of olive oil or vegetable oil to the lawn mower blades and wipe. Wipe a clear coating of vegetable oil over the blades.

Cutting Lawn, Cleaning Up and Re-Applying Oils

As you cut your lawn, will see how the blades stay cleaner for a much longer period of time. After the lawn mower cools, turn over on its side and clean the blades. Wipe the under belly and the blades completely clean. You should reapply the oils every three or four cuts.