Keeping Your Dryer Vent Mouse Proof

What You'll Need
Hardware Cloth or Metal Screen
Steel Wool (optional)

It is important to keep mice out of your home for safety and sanitary reasons, and one of the main entry points for mice is through your dryer vent. To prevent mice or other pests from entering your home, learn how to properly mouse proof your vent. Below you will find a basic guide to keeping mice from climbing into your laundry room.

Step 1: Insert Steel Wool

The first step to keeping mice out of your dryer vent is actually optional, and it is up to you how diligent you want to be about your process. To begin, shove steel wool into the entrance of their dryer vent. The steel wool allows vapor to escape, but will not allow mice to enter.

Step 2: Cut Wire Mesh

After buying either hardware cloth or some other form of mesh screen, you will need to cut it to the proper size and shape. You can place the screen either where the vapors exit your home through the vent or the place where the vent piping leaves your laundry room. Many people even choose to place wire at both places.

Step 3: Attach Mesh

Finally, use screws to secure your wire mesh to the vent in the areas where you elected to put them.