Key Benefits with Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is an excellent way to rehabilitate worn out drains in the home. The procedure allows you to repair pipes without having to dig up the old pipes. This saves you from the costly and time-intensive procedures involved if you were to dig up old or damaged pipes. Relining makes use of an epoxy resin pipe. This is fitted into the existing drain and allowed to cure. The resin pipe must conform to the size and route of the old drain for rehabilitation to be effective. Once undertaken, the procedure improves the flow of water through the piping system. Pipe relining has several benefits to it.

Minimal Disruption of Landscape

When you have to dig up drains to repair affected sections, it causes major upheavals on the landscape. Plant cover that may have taken ages to develop is destroyed. Installed ground cover such as patio pavers, concrete and other materials must be removed. These must be replaced after repairs are completed. It may take quite a while before the ground surface is fully restored. All these add to the financial costs. When you reline, minimal disruption occurs to the surface. It is a convenient means of rehabilitation which helps maintain your home in good condition.


Relining is a cost-effective home maintenance option. Less labor is involved since the piping system doesn’t have to be extracted from the ground. You need not spend as much on new materials to replace materials damaged during excavation. Upheavals in areas that had previously been developed can be a costly undertaking. Restoration of the disrupted natural cover also adds to overall costs. Given the time that it takes for vegetation to mature, you’re better off if you reline damaged pipes in the home rather than excavate.

Quick Turnaround

Far less time is required to reline pipes than would be the case if you were to dig up and repair. Relining also enables you to rehabilitate pipes in difficult-to-reach areas much faster. The quick turnaround time helps to keep installation costs down. It also helps to restore the environment to its original shape much faster.

Adds to Durability

The addition of the epoxy resin pipe into the old pipe reinforces the piping system. This is because you end up with two pipes in one unit. It also eliminates the weak points and joints in the piping system. This gives the piping system a higher efficacy.


When the ground surface is disrupted, it poses a risk to residents. Trenches, holes and piled heaps of debris can easily cause an accident. Movement around the area becomes difficult. Children and pets are especially vulnerable. A better option is to reline pipes so as to maintain a safer environment.

Adds Value to Your Home

The drainage system is one of the key points of focus during home inspections. A well designed system assures high efficiency in drainage service. Relining reinforces the existing system which enhances drainage efficacy. This is a boost for home value.