Keys to Pneumatic Door Closer Maintenance Keys to Pneumatic Door Closer Maintenance

When it comes to your Pneumatic Door Closer, there are a few different things that you should keep in mind when it comes to maintenance. Here is a simple guide to help you.

Know How It Works

Knowing how to work the pneumatic door closer is an important step to maintaining. Two terms that you should keep in mind are sweep and latch. These can help to make your adjustments as well. You can change the speed of the door closing and also the speed that it actually comes to a stop, which are different.

Use Oil

Using oil is a key part to the maintenance of your pneumatic door closer. Making sure that the door closer is oiled properly, can help to avoid any problems with the door rubbing or closing at an awkward angle. You can find the oil at any household store.

Make Replacements

Replacing parts as they need to be is also an important step. If you have one aspect that needs to be fixed, continuing to use it without replacing or fixing can use other problems with the system. If your door closer is uneven, your door may open and close that way causing damage to the door and frame. Make these replacements as needed.

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