Kitchen Remodeling Trends for the Discerning Homeowner Kitchen Remodeling Trends for the Discerning Homeowner

Kitchens today are roomier than ever before and are fast becoming the most important part of your home. You need to keep in mind the latest trends while doing up your kitchen, or you may end up with a distinctly 18th century kitchen in your 21st century house.

Some of the trends to keep in mind in case you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen:

1. Open kitchen: One of the hottest trends in kitchen remodeling is to integrate it with the whole house, so that cooking and eating do not become an isolated activity. An open kitchen virtually means that you take away half a wall, so that the kitchen actually looks into the living space, allowing interactions.

2. An island with a sink: The new must-have is definitely the island, which can become the center of the kitchen, and provide additional storage space in drawers and cabinets fixed below it. Usually the layout should be such that the sink, the prep area and the refrigerator are well-connected, and an island sink gives you the ideal solution if you have a roomy kitchen. A corner sink would only make you run around more. Having two sinks instead of one, and using one for dishes and the other for washing food items is very in too. You can have a single rotating faucet to double up between the two if you want, however.

3. Stone countertops: When thinking of redoing countertops go for stone: granite, marble, soapstones, each has its own advantages. They are usually heat and acid resistant and come in a variety of interesting and unique shades, so most homeowners only want stone countertops as a great combo of design and functionality. These usually run almost all along three walls, so that you can maximize space, and you do not need a door to the kitchen, the absent fourth wall does it for you.

4. Cabinets: Make your cabinets disappear, by fitting them under the countertop wherever possible, have as many shelves inside as you can. The new look for the kitchen is minimalist, but that does not mean you should starve yourself of storage space!

5. Kitchen-cum-bar: The countertop on the open side of the kitchen can serve as bar, if you get a few tall bar-stools to sit outside the kitchen and use a steel hanger to show off all your wine and whiskey glasses. You can mix and pour cocktails here. You have easy access to the food processor and the fridge, so fresh juices and ice are within easy reach. Mood lighting, or concealed lighting in your “bar” area would make it an excellent watering hole. A transparent cabinet close by with all the whiskey and spirits on display would help your guests choose their poison.

6. Lights and surfaces: The best idea is to have different light options, which can be switched on or off to create different moods, because kitchen lighting is one of the latest preoccupations of kitchen decorators. Try overheads or lights concealed under the countertops, or even mood lights in different colors to play off the colors of the tiles. Corals, beiges and bronze offset with black is the hottest color scheme, and you can change your wallpaper to suit the trends, or select different tiles that would set the look you want.

7. Transparence: Bring transparence and luminescence into your kitchen, make containers for spices colorful and see-through. See-through spice-cabinets are also being seen increasingly in modern kitchens.

8. Entertainment: Have an entertainment system handy. A flat LCD screen looks smashing in a kitchen, and can help you catch up on the news while making the morning cuppa or a favorite soap while churning out dinner, as long as it is well away from the heat, and fitted up on a wall. A music system speaker would be a great idea too, especially livening up the dreary jobs of kitchen existence, or setting the tone for a party.

Try out any or all of these trends while remodeling your kitchen today, and make cooking and eating a lively family and social experience.

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