Kids Beds

Kids beds are beds which are for children, smaller beds used in a child’s bedroom. They aren’t to be confused with toy beds, or beds for dolls. Kids beds come in a variety of styles, though they are most often in a twin bed size.

Favorite Kids Beds

Bunk beds are one of the favorite types of kids beds. Children love the two-tier set-up of a bunk bed, and parents like this as well, since it takes up less space in the room. Because of the ladder to climb to the top bunk, the feeling of being in an enclosed area in the bottom bunk, this is a perennially popular style of kids beds.

Other kids beds often have blankets or spreads in designs for popular comic book or movie characters, and the colorful coverings are seen in many children’s bedrooms. There are kid’s beds that are constructed to look like boats, like cars, like a big doll house, like trains, like pirate ship, and like tents. Whatever a child’s fancy is, there is a kid’s bed for that child.