Kids Ottoman Design Ideas Kids Ottoman Design Ideas

There are thousands of different design ideas for kids' rooms and furniture, like a kids ottoman. Kids furniture is fun to choose and brings back youthful feelings and memories. Pick furniture that will go with the overall theme of your kid's room design. A bed, desk, beanbag chair, ottoman, and tables can all be found with cool shapes and design ideas. An ottoman is especially fun, as there are many options available.

Animal Shaped Ottomans

Have a child who loves animals? Design a kids ottoman that looks like a turtle with the lid that looks like a shell.

Star Wars Ottoman

Is your child a fan of Star Wars? Why not design a kid ottoman that is shaped like a ship from the movies or the Death Star? Make it double functional by giving it a playable surface.

Artistic Ottoman

Kids love to draw and paint. They would especially like to be able to draw on the furniture. Design your own drawable ottoman with erasable dry erase fabric. You could also add chalk board paint to the cover for tons of chalk action.

Girly Ottoman

What girl doesn't like pink, tassels, and frilly things? Design a kid ottoman that is plush with lots of padding, and has tassels and frills hanging from it (pick pink for the base color). Put a make-up mirror in the lid, along with trays for make-up. A pull out tray could then reveal a place for clothes, which would be perfect for dress-up parties.

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