Killing Bed Bugs: 4 Natural Elimination Tactics Killing Bed Bugs: 4 Natural Elimination Tactics

Killing bed bugs is something that many people have to deal with at various times. Bed bugs are common in large cities and in homes or rooms that are frequently lived in; dorms, apartment buildings and other areas that have frequent traffic and lots of different residents are the most likely to have bed bugs. Getting rid of bed bugs can be a difficult process, as these insects are very tenacious and it can be hard to completely eliminate their eggs from your area. Powerful insecticides can do the job, but many people are concerned about the poisonous nature of these chemicals. Read on for a few natural tactics for eliminating bed bugs.

1. Heat Treatment

One of the most popular ways of getting rid of bed bugs without resorting to chemical treatments and insecticides is with heat treatment. In this procedure, you'll work to eliminate the bed bugs from the items in your home. These include furniture pieces, rugs and carpets, and even electronics. Because the bugs and their eggs cannot survive high temperatures, you can hire a heat truck to come to visit your home. You'll need to put your bed bug infested items in the truck and have the interior of the truck heated to a high temperature for approximately half an hour in order to kill the bugs and eggs. Most services of this type cost between $100 and $500, depending upon your location and the size of the truck.

2. Washing

Linens, laundry and other fabrics can be treated with heat at home as well. In this case, place the fabrics in your washer and set it to the highest heat setting. Allow the fabrics to wash for approximately 60 minutes.

3. Cold Treatment

An alternative to heat treatment is cold treatment. This requires a much longer period of time in order to neutralize the bugs and their eggs, but it's also good for fabrics and other small items. You can place these items in a freezer and leave them there for two weeks. During that time, the bugs and their eggs will be killed.

4. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural product that is made from plants. While it's safe for use around the home, it should not be inhaled if at all possible; it's best to use this product if you're able to open up doors and windows in the infested area. Diatomaceous Earth contains microscopic particles with sharp edges. These edges will actually cut into the exterior of the bed bugs and their eggs, causing them to be dried out and to die, eventually. This method of treatment requires that you dust the area in which the bugs can be found thoroughly with Diatomaceous Earth. For this reason, many people choose to use it for furniture and other items that can be cleaned easily.

For more information about the potential natural treatments for bed bugs, consult with an exterminator.

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