Kitchen and Bathroom Design Tips Kitchen and Bathroom Design Tips

There are various tips for your kitchen and bathroom design. Changing colors or the way in which your kitchen or bathroom is laid out will give you much needed room, storage or a change of pace for your space. Determining what type of kitchen or bathroom design is best for you depends on the amount of money you are willing to commit to the design project.

Plan an Appropriate Budget

Before engaging in any re-design of your kitchen and bathroom, plan your budget. If you find that simply buying paint or wallpaper is all you can afford, this will be the extent of your design efforts. Do not plan more than you can afford to do. Also look for closeout sales and other deals that can help you maximize your budget and stretch your dollars in order to make the most of your kitchen and bathroom design ideas.

Use Light Colors in Smaller Spaces

Looking at small spaces, look for ways to use more light colors to give the illusion of a larger space. Colors such as white, beige and other light tones will give the space a larger look. You can use complimentary accent colors to brighten the kitchen or bathroom space. Remember that darker colors makes a room feel much smaller than it is but lighter color brighten a room and give it a more expansive look.

Arrange Kitchen to Maximize Efficiency

Make changes to the arrangement of your sink and counter spaces so that they are convenient for you to use. A kitchen should be designed to give a triangle shape for work. Arrange appliances in appropriate proximity to the sink and counters so that tasks such as cooking are more efficient and less cumbersome to perform.

Avoid Dark Tiles in the Bathroom

Dark shower tiles should be avoided wherever possible. The darker colors easily attract soap scum and residue when showering, requiring constant attention and cleaning. Use lighter tiles on the main side of a shower wall or surround and use the darker tiles as an accent row that will reduce the time devoted to cleaning the bathroom.

Mirrors make Rooms Look Bigger

Staying in the bathroom, you can make a small bathroom look bigger by adding a mirror on an opposing wall. The mirror instantly makes the bathroom look much bigger than it is and reduce the feeling of claustrophobia that you get every time you step in the room. This also holds true for a small kitchen – mirrors make rooms look bigger.

Add Plants and Books

Make a kitchen look more appealing from a design standpoint by adding hanging plants. On open counter spaces that are needed for food prep, stand cookbooks and other reference books to make the space look like an integral part of the entire kitchen. Hanging plants can also be placed in the bathroom as well as small pictures.

Many more kitchen and bathroom design styles can be found by going to a home improvement center or looking at various kitchen and bath design books and magazines.

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