Kitchen Backsplash Murals: Top 4 Theme Ideas Kitchen Backsplash Murals: Top 4 Theme Ideas

A kitchen back splash mural gives your kitchen a decorator touch. There are many choices in design, and you are sure to find a back splash mural to match your decor. Here a few of the top theme ideas.

1 - Country Charm

A country-theme back splash will bring an Americana feel to your kitchen. Rooster themes are very popular today, as well as sunflowers. Antique still life's are also popular with scenes such as bowls of fruit in an old milk can or a basket of eggs.

2 - Fruit and Vegetables

A cornucopia with vegetables flowing out is a trendy design. Also with this theme, you can choose filled baskets instead of the cornucopia for a bit of an updated version of this theme.

3 - Floral Themes

A fashionable trend for a floral theme is wildflowers. The mural can be of the flowers coming out of the ground, or in an arrangement of cascading flowers in a vase. Another trend, is Victorian arrangements of roses and ivy for an old world feel.

4 - Tuscan

This look has been popular for many years, and continues to be. A Tuscan mural will have grapes, wine, vines and breads. The colors are usually in deep tones of reds, greens and blues. The Tuscan theme is also carried out in murals of landscapes of vineyards and olive trees.


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