Kitchen Cabinet Crown Molding Ideas Kitchen Cabinet Crown Molding Ideas

These days, kitchen cabinet crown molding has gained a lot of attention. Crown molding was previously used to cover or take up the line connecting the ceiling and the top of the wall. It is usually placed outside the line at a downward angle overlooking the room. Since then, the use of crown molding has evolved. People are now able to fuse traditional methods of using crown molding with contemporary ideas. One good use of crown molding is to connect different objects together like cabinets or windows. Since it quite tricky to learn how to install and cut crown moldings, it’s necessary to read up more on how crown molding is used.

Traditional Crown Molding

To gain a good understanding on using crown molding, it’s best to both look at the traditional and conventional way of doing things. For instance, traditional crown molding strictly mimics the architectural themes of specific eras. Some of the common crown molding ideas before were minimalistic and extremely ornamental in styles. In order to achieve a more traditional and old-fashioned look with crown molding then it’s fundamental to know that the angles of crown moldings under this style are preset. There isn’t much to tailor.

Modern Crown Molding

The idea behind contemporary crown molding ideas is basically to be very clean and simple. The best way to learn more about the latest ideas on crown molding is to check different interior publications and design books. One contemporary crown molding idea is to use straight lumber with a hemlock measuring around 2x6. To mix the traditional way with the modern, you need to measure the molding in such a dimension that it fits firmly between the wall and ceiling. Other contemporary crown molding ideas include the use of copper, brass, sheet metal or stainless steel. These materials may be used as part of the decorative theme of the molding.


One good place to try and install crown molding is in the kitchen. Tying the cabinets in the kitchen to the ceiling can create a really good illusion. The crown molding tends to present a kitchen cabinet that extends up to the top. Instead of appearing as individual components of the kitchen, crown molding helps make everything look uniform. The kitchen cabinets become one with the ceiling. If the cabinets happen to already extend up to the ceiling, you can try installing the crown molding around the whole room. Make sure that the top of the cabinets have the same crown molding as the rest of the room. This will help you create that strikingly beautiful uniformity.

Additional Tip: Wainscoting

In general, the use of crown molding revolves around the ceiling and connecting the cabinets. However, there are other more ways to use crown molding other than the upper surfaces. This idea may even better for your kitchen cabinets. Wainscoting refers to a method of wood paneling that covers just the partway up the wall. Crown molding may be used to top this panel and create another look for the kitchen and your cabinets. For more ideas and instructions on how to use crown molding, you can check out other sources or consult an expert.

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