Kitchen Counter Tile Installation: Mistakes to Avoid Kitchen Counter Tile Installation: Mistakes to Avoid

When installing kitchen counter tile, it is important to be thorough in every detail. Failing to do so could result in mistakes in the installation. These mistakes could end up causing you to have to redo the entire project. Below are some common mistakes in tile kitchen counter installation.

Not Properly Leveling the Surface Prior to Tile Installation

Always make sure that the kitchen counter surface is properly leveled and smoothed out before the kitchen tiles are installed. It will be difficult to level the kitchen counter surface once the tiles are placed, and you might end up with an uneven surface.

Not Cleaning the Surface Before Installation

Always make sure that the surface is clean before installing the kitchen tiles. Failing to do this will allow dirt and other foreign objects to get mixed into the concrete, preventing the tiles from being completely in contact with the concrete and hard cement. This could lead to the tiles becoming loose once they are installed.

Not Carefully Planning the Placement of Tiles

Carefully plan how the tiles are going to be placed. Draw out your plan on paper. Visualize how you want your kitchen counter tiles to look before installing any tiles. Avoid putting large tiles on one side of the counter and then smaller tiles on the other side because this will make your tile kitchen counter look unbalanced.

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