Kitchen Countertop Options Kitchen Countertop Options

Currently there are so many kitchen countertop options that it can become confusing to choose. Within the major options there are also sub-types to choose from.

Starting with the most simple and cheap, kitchen countertops can be classified under the following major categories:

Laminates: Made from layers of decorative and Kraft paper over a base of composite chip wood that is compressed under heat and pressure. It is the cheapest among all kitchen countertop options.

Tiles: Ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite and concrete tiles.

Solid surfaces: Man-made material without any layers. These can be worked and polished using woodworking tools. These include Corian and Avonite countertops.

Natural stone: Limestone, marble, granite or slate and granite (the most popular).

Engineered stone: Made from quartz, pebbles, polymers and epoxy.

Stainless steel: Considered the top choice for professional kitchen countertop options, this expensive countertop can be expensive.

Concrete: The latest entrant in kitchen countertop options and usually a custom surface.

Each option has unique advantages and disadvantages. Selecting a kitchen countertop largely depends on cost, durability, maintenance and ease of installation.



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