Kitchen Curtains Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen curtains are window treatments that are designed for use in this particular room of a home. They often differ from other curtains in their standard sizing and decoration. The purposes they serve can also vary from the norm somewhat.

Styles of kitchen curtains

Kitchen curtains can vary rather greatly in style and also designs. On the design front, kitchen curtains can run the gamut involving materials of any color or pattern theme imaginable. Styles common for this type of window treatment include:

  • Tiered – Kitchen curtains of this type will often leave part of the window exposed. At the top there will be a valance and at the bottom a privacy curtain.
  • Valance only – This involves the use of nothing more than a decorative valance at the top of the window rather than full kitchen curtains.
  • Valance and swag – This style in kitchen curtains will leave the center of the window exposed, but cover the top and sides.
  • Sheer – Kitchen curtains of this type will cover the entire window. Tie backs may or may not be used.

Purposes for kitchen curtains

The reasons to put up curtains in the kitchen can vary. Some people prefer full privacy. In this case, sheers or total coverage options make the most sense. For those who want to preserve view, swag and valance combinations tend to be the most suitable and stylish.

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