Kitchen Decorating Ideas with a Barnyard Theme

Decorating a kitchen in a barnyard theme is often a popular choice, and can make the kitchen very eye-catching, as well as fun while giving it a rustic "down home" feel. This style of decor can be used to great advantage if the home has an overall farmhouse decorating style, but it can also be used to effectively in almost any decorating style to create a rustic and homey feel to the kitchen area. It can be used in a subtle way, or you can really go all out with the decorating theme.

Barn Red Accents

A popular accent color when creating a barnyard theme in the kitchen is "barn red". Using this color throughout the room will provide a consistent accent color, which will help tie together the overall look. Picking this color up in other items, such as red and white checkered placemats or napkins, or curtain toppers is also a great effect.

Don't Overdo the "Critters" in the Kitchen

Animal-themed decor is often a popular choice for the barnyard kitchen. Depending on personal preferences, this could focus on just one animal, such as chickens, geese, pigs or cows, or could include a variety of animals. It's not necessary to use an overabundance of animal-themed decorating pieces to create the effect. Often an attractive look can be created by simply adding a few well-chosen items such as a wall hanging or piece of art that includes animals, or an eye-catching pottery vase in an animal motif.

If you are going for a more subtle approach, add one or two animal-themed items to the room, and then pick up the colors and the motif in other areas of the room, such as perhaps napkins or placemats featuring the same color and animal. If you really love animals, the sky is the limit as to the types of accessories that you will be able to find in this theme.

Wallpaper, Stencils and Prints

Another way of adding the barnyard theme to a kitchen is by using stenciling or wallpaper borders in the room. Choose a wallpaper border that includes barns, or animals, or other farm-related motifs such as fruits and vegetables. Then use the same color and theme in other areas of the room to create a nice coordinated look. If you have leftover wallpaper border, you can use it in other ways around the room, such as perhaps bordering an art print with it, then framing it and hanging it on the wall.

Functional Farmhouse Cookware and More

Dishes, pots and pans can also be used to add to the overall barnyard look in the kitchen. By choosing a rustic style of dishes or perhaps a style that includes the colors or overall motif of the room, you can add to the room's decor even with these items that are used for everyday use. Pots and pans that are in the style of a farmhouse kitchen, such as copper-bottomed cookware, perhaps hung from a ceiling rack, can also add to the effect.

Pottery or earthenware bowls, especially if they pick up the barn red color, can also be used to great advantage as functional pieces that double as eye-catching decor. Other rustic pieces such as a hand-braided rug, or a quilt wall hanging, can also be used to great advantage. There is really just no end to the fun and stylish effects that can be created in a kitchen when choosing a barnyard theme.