Kitchen Deep Fryers

While commercial models are found in restaurants of all types, kitchen deep fryers used in the home are useful for preparing many of the same foods, only at a smaller scale. Convenient, compact and powered by standard electricity, using a home kitchen deep fryer is a fairly uncomplicated process. Fill it with oil, activate the heating element, and when it's ready, immerse all manner of vegetables, meats, seafood and more into the reservoir and end up with delicious fried food in a matter of minutes. 


Brands such as DeLonghi, T-Fal, Waring, Presto and Rival, among others, produce small deep fryers for home use. Affordably priced from around $50 to $200 on average, kitchen deep fryers feature adjustable thermostats, power-on and oil-ready indicators, nonstick enamel oil reservoirs and durable immersion baskets with a silicone-coated handle. Other common features include a removable charcoal oil filter to help keep the oil clean as well as prevent smoke odors, a sealed cover to prevent a big mess and an exterior that is safe to the touch. 

Capacity and Other Design Elements

Most kitchen deep fryers intended for home use have an internal capacity that ranges from about 6 to 12 cups. The immersible heating element consumes anywhere from about 1500 to 1800 Watts, while the automatic shutoff function and power failure protection circuit included with many models improve the safe operation of the appliance.