kitchen exhaust fans

Whether installed in a wall, the ceiling or underneath the range hood, kitchen exhaust fans draw out steam and warmth generated from ovens and stovetops and help to keep the room comfortably cool while cooking. Without an exhaust fan, a kitchen would heat up very quickly whenever the stove or oven was in use. Kitchen fans keep the temperature down while at the same time reducing the buildup of moisture caused by steam from boiling water. 

Benefits of a Kitchen Exhaust Fan

In addition to venting steam, kitchen exhaust fans draw out smoke caused by cooking mishaps that can otherwise inundate a kitchen. A powerful exhaust fan in the kitchen can prevent the smoke alarm from going off if ever you burn a meal in the oven. Range hood exhaust fans have removable grease filters that can are cleanable. 

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Features

Available with multiple speeds, permanently lubricated motors and easy switch or pull-chain control, kitchen exhaust fans are easy to install and use. Requiring only a small duct that vents through an exterior wall, steam, excess heat, smoke and odorous vapors are effectively removed from your kitchen. 

No kitchen is complete without a functioning exhaust fan. GE, BROAN, NuTone, FanTech and Panasonic are among your brand choices when searching for the best unit.