Kitchen Extractor Fans

Very similar to exhaust fans, kitchen extractor fans function by drawing excess heat, steam, vapors from cooking and smoke out of the kitchen to the outside. Ventless, fan-less kitchens frequently fill with smoke and steam and get very warm when cooking. This is due to the fact that heat has nowhere else to go. Kitchen extractor fans install either in a wall, ceiling or window and, when in operation, continually pull the affected air out of the room and keep it free of excess heat and moisture.

Kitchen Extractor Fan Features

Kitchen extractor fans feature stainless steel or aluminum impellers or blades that resist the corrosive effects of moisture. Available in multi-speed units, they are controlled by either an onboard switch or pull chain. Hardwired units may be attached to a satellite switch. With a permanently lubricated motor and either a plastic or metal grille, no foreign object can get into the fan and cause it to jam.


Some of the more familiar manufacturers of kitchen extractor fans include General Electric, BROAN, FanTech, NuTone and Panasonic. Base your decision not solely on a brand, but on the durability of the unit's design, it ease of operation and the number of cubic feet per minute (CFM) it is rated to move.