Kitchen Faucet Replacement Measurements Kitchen Faucet Replacement Measurements

Leaky kitchen faucet replacement is an unwanted expense. You can save money by repairing the faucet yourself.

To know which kind of faucet to get from the store, first you have to do some measurements. Have your tape measure in hand for this task.

For most kitchen faucet replacement the key generic specifications for measurement include:

·overall depth - This refers to the exterior dimensions of the sink. Measure it from the lowermost point of the sink’s drain flange to the point where the sink rim contacts the countertop.

· overall length - Measure from the left to the right of the outermost edges of the mounting flange of the sink.

· overall width - Measure from the front to the back of the outermost edges of the mounting flange of the sink.

· faucet size - For double handled faucet take the measurement from the handle’s centre to faucet centre. If you use single handled faucet, measure the distance in between the water hook-up lines placed on the faucet’s bottom.

As soon as you know the style and size of your faucet, you’re ready to take out the old one and install your new unit.

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