Kitchen Faucet Sprayer Repair: Mistakes to Avoid Kitchen Faucet Sprayer Repair: Mistakes to Avoid

Regular use of a kitchen faucet sprayer can make it all the more frustrating when it breaks down. Knowing what mistakes to avoid while undertaking repair will ensure that the project is completed effectively.


Don’t assume that the kitchen faucet sprayer or parts of it require replacement because it stops working. You should initially check whether the diverter or other internal parts have become blocked with mineral deposits. Don’t forget to turn off the water before undertaking any work.


Ensure that any replacement parts that you obtain for the kitchen faucet sprayer are the correct type for your sink. Different brands have different qualities and you must ensure that you have the correct part so it will fit properly.  


When it comes to a kitchen faucet sprayer with a hose that has suffered damage from being stretched or manipulated, attempting a repair may be a waste of time. You will find that splits in a hose can easily reopen and it is more prudent to replace the hose completely.   


The fasteners used to assemble the kitchen faucet sprayer should be of the correct type, as this will ensure that they can be properly tightened to prevent any leaks and to ensure that the parts do not come loose.

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