Kitchen Island Considerations Kitchen Island Considerations

Adding a kitchen island can vastly expand your counter space while providing additional storage and even, with a few stools, in-kitchen dining. When choosing a kitchen island you have many options depending on your available space, your budget and the  traffic patterns in your kitchen.

There is no fixed rule in terms of planning and installing a kitchen island but your end result will be a result of several design considerations, some of which are explained below:

1. Center Kitchen Islands

Center kitchen islands are ideal for roomy kitchen spaces. They can complement your cabinets and decor and will afford you convenience on several fronts. Along with the extra counter and storage space comes a buffet to serve food to guests as well as a means of routing foot traffic through one of the most heavily used rooms in your house. Bring in a few bar stools and you have an eat-in kitchen.

2. Custom Kitchen Islands

While conventional kitchen island designs are great for standardized kitchen spaces, if you have an unusual or custom kitchen, you may want to have an island custom designed to optimize your space and facilitate your food preparation habits. Going for a custom solution allows you to work with design, shape, dimensions and decorative elements to come up with a unique piece of furniture cabinetry that will fit your kitchen to a T. Your custom island can also include a cook top, sink, dishwasher, wine cooler and other elements you wouldn't get in a standard island.

3. Portable Kitchen Islands

A portable kitchen islands can be a great option for you if your kitchen’s space is limited or if you want more flexibility than a stationary center island can provide. Portable kitchen islands are basically created when the island is placed on wheels. You can opt to have either two- or four-wheel designs. The beauty with portable kitchen islands is that they can be moved out of the way conveniently and stored in a separate room when not in use.

4. Outdoor kitchen Island Designs

Outdoor kitchen islands are prefabricated and feature different sizes, shapes, and colors. They are also known as grill islands. Basically, your outdoor kitchen island will include adequate space for a grill barbecue and other items used in the conventional kitchen including dishwashers, refrigerators, and cupboards. All these will be under the same bench top and since they will be in the outdoors you need to ensure that they are weatherproof.

The cost of an outdoor kitchen island is quite expensive and is made higher depending on the number of features you have on the bench top. Additionally, you have to consider the expenses of connecting utilities like gas, water and electricity to the outdoor island.

5. Additional considerations for kitchen islands

The primary consideration for your kitchen island has to remain the intended usability. You must also factor in considerations like matching or complementing the materials on the kitchen’s other countertops, and also the storage space you require in the cooking area.

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