Kitchen Island Furniture Designs


With kitchen island furniture you can make considerable improvements to your kitchen space, in effect making it more functional. Kitchen island furniture is available in many designs and it is improbable that you will lack an ideal item for your own kitchen. Read on to learn more about these furniture designs:

1.       The Main Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is of where most of the kitchen action takes place. There are several kitchen island ideas that you can select from depending on the nature of your space. People with spacious kitchens can always go for the custom kitchen island which will make sure that the room is optimally used. The other island options include portable, center, and outdoor kitchen islands.

Your island could include contoured tops and storage space. In addition, you can also have a seating arrangement around the island by including a couple of barstools. Some islands are pre-fitted with rollers to enable you push them around easily. These rollers an also include locks so that the entire assembly doesn’t move when in use.

2.       Kitchen Island Furniture Cabinets and Carts

Carts and cabinets are important in any kitchen space. They will come in handy for you when you need to keep items like microwaves off your countertop in a bid to save on space. Not only do these cabinets and carts have space for appliances, some will give you that extra storage space where you can keep items like spices and condiments. These cabinets and carts can either be stationary or mobile; the latter have rollers for easy movement. Others feature beautifully crafted handy baskets where smaller items can be kept close.

3.       Storage Units

Storage units are another important necessity in the kitchen. These are available in many design types to fit your kitchen space. They come in various materials, shapes, dimensions, and capacities. Some of the more common designs feature drawers that are made of either wood or wicker. These storage units can be in the form of a frame where they drawers are both vertically and horizontally arranged. You can also go for the single column type where the drawers are vertically stacked.

Some other storage units you can invest in include baker’s racks and pantry units which can be fabricated from either metal or wood.

4.       The Chopping Block

The chopping block or butcher’s block is a must-have in any kitchen island furniture set up. When buying a cutting block you must make sure that the wood material is durable. This will enable you to clean and sterilize it after use without worrying about damage.