Kitchen Island Furniture Types

Selecting a piece of kitchen island furniture for your daily use can not only add function, but compliment the décor as well. There are several types of kitchen island furniture from which to choose that may become valuable work areas. From a simple cart to an extravagantly designed wooden custom kitchen island, you can add furniture to your kitchen that can be visually aesthetic and effectively functional as well. Here are several kitchen island ideas to consider.


A cart choice for your kitchen island is inexpensive and simple, yet completely functional. You can choose a cart that has two or three shelves below a cutting board top made from stainless steel, wood or plastic. These carts are completely mobile, sitting atop wheels that allow you to place them in locations throughout the room that suit your particular needs. Carts have multiple uses that can hold a microwave or other small appliances, while also acting as work stations for cutting and preparing food to cook. Some carts are also designed for a small television to keep you in touch with your favorite food show. Carts can also act as serving tables and side tables holding food items during meals.

Many discerning home kitchen chefs may have more than one mobile cart designated for specific uses like cutting meat or cutting vegetables. A mobile kitchen island cart can also serve as your kitchen “office” where your correspondence, bills, stationery and perhaps a laptop are located and brought out whenever needed. Due to their mobility and size, kitchen island carts can be stored in an open area under a countertop and retrieved out into the room when needed. This mobility also adds to faster and easier cleanup after use.

Countertop Types

Mobile or stationary, kitchen islands can also accommodate a variety of different countertop material including granite, ceramic tile, butcher block and stainless steel. Many have inside storage revealed by either sliding doors or swinging ones. Once again, just like a kitchen island cart, countertop kitchen islands can be simple in design or extremely elaborate, offering a variety of different looks and presenting still a greater variety of different uses. Familiar uses include a cutting or chopping table where vegetables and meats are prepared for cooking. Some can be specifically designed for baking uses with storage areas for all the necessary accessories.

Customized Kitchen Islands

If you wish to consider a custom kitchen island that becomes a permanent part of your kitchen, you may need to contract a professional to have one created and installed. A custom kitchen island usually allows for access on all sides. They can be as simple as a breakfast bar or a fully complimented island, complete with cooking facilities built into the structure. Greater customization can also include plumbing for a sink and possibly an undercounter refrigerator or freezer.

Shopping online for a kitchen island can turn up some great bargains, since online retailers offer many discounts for purchasing through the internet.