Kitchen Remodel Costs: What to Expect Kitchen Remodel Costs: What to Expect

When you plan to do any renovations or adjustments to the layout of your kitchen, it's important to recognize which kitchen remodel costs you should expect to face. Remodeling a kitchen can be extremely costly, or you may find that you're able to keep it down to a small cost if you're careful. The important thing is to carefully consider your budget before you begin so that you'll know which options are available to you in a reasonable manner. Then you can continue by researching the different things that you'll be able to do with your kitchen space while staying within that budget before you begin. Read on for a general guide on what to expect from a kitchen remodeling procedure in terms of cost.

Average Prices and What to Expect

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the cost of an average full remodeling of a kitchen is usually around $27,000. Most kitchen remodeling projects range anywhere from about $15,000 up to $50,000 or more, depending upon how extravagant you wish to be and what exactly you remodel. This is a good general basis for your comparison of your budget with the projects you'd like to complete. It's important to remember also that you can save costs and reduce your total spending by only remodeling parts of your kitchen.


Depending upon the quality of the cabinets that you wish to install, the price per linear foot for stock cabinets generally ranges from about $50 up to about $200. If you build your own cabinets, you can save money by purchasing your own materials. However, you'll need to account for extra costs for tools and your time as well, in this case. There are also some costs associated with removing existing cabinets and prepping the space, so it's a good idea to add several hundred dollars to the total estimate that you've made.


For the sink in your new kitchen, you can choose a basic enameled steel sink for as low as about $300. The most expensive sinks generally range up to about $2000. There will also be several hundred or even thousands of dollars of additional costs in the plumbing work necessary to install the new sink and to clean up the area where the old sink was as well.


The refrigerator in your kitchen may be the single largest expense to factor in to your remodeling budget. Bottom line refrigerators usually run about $500 or so at minimum, while the nicest refrigerators can range up to $5000 or even more, in some cases.


Floors in kitchen spaces are a great way to remodel and change the look of the room. Most flooring is priced by the square foot, and ranges from around $50 up to around $300 per square foot. Again, there are additional charges necessary to include, such as the cost of moving other items in the kitchen, the cost of removing and prepping the floor space, and then the cost of installing the new flooring as well.

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