Unique Kitchen Storage Cabinets

All kitchen storage cabinets are unique as to their intended use. They all come with a variety of drawers and shelves, each carrying an intended purpose with it, and all intended to maximize the use of the space available.

Cabinet Types

  • Sink base - this one is standard. It is where the sink is located and will have space under the sink for storage of cleaning supplies. It will also usually have drawers that are useful for storing silverware and small utensils.
  • Lazy Susan - this cabinet gets used in corners and has spinning turn tables inside that help to use the most space possible, they  are generally very deep.
  • Base Cabinets - these cabinets are generally one height and sit on the floor, with a countertop placed on them.
  • Wall cabinets - these of course hang on the wall, and depending on the setup of your kitchen, may be short cabinets, or tall. For instance, you'll have standard cabinets throughout, but the refrigerator is tall, so there will be the short wall cabinets above that.
  • Utility Cabinet - this is generally a narrow cabinet and will usually be on an end. This cabinet will sit on the floor, but extend up to the top of the wall cabinets. They are usually used to store a broom, a mop, and other supplies.

Your Needs Will Vary

Not all the different types of kitchen storage cabinets will be used in any one setup, and the ones that you actually end up using will depend entirely upon the remodeling designs of your kitchen.

For instance, if your cabinetry does not wrap around the kitchen, you are not likely to need a Lazy Susan. When planning your new kitchen, you should consider adding more cabinets than you think you will actually need because the space will run out rather quickly.