Kitchen Wall Paint Ideas Kitchen Wall Paint Ideas

One easy way to update your kitchen with a new look  is via some interesting wall paint ideas. Whether it's with a brightly colored hue or something more subtle, paint can be a quick remedy.

Kitchens today are bold, beautiful and bigger than ever. They are equipped with a myriad of high-end appliances and bells and whistles. These are rooms that are used not only for sitting down to a nightly family dinner, but kitchens tend to be the number one venue where guests congregate.

To make your kitchen an even more popular room for the family or a place where visitors will be in awe, think about creating a look that reflects your own unique personality. For instance, rather than keeping the kitchen plain white, you might want to think about painting the walls a particular favorite color or add a design or even wallpaper to make the difference.

Here are some wall painting ideas to help get you started and to hopefully, make your own kitchen stand out and be noticed.

Bright Colors

Be bold and go for the bright colors such as yellows, oranges and even peach to open up a kitchen. The brighter the color, the more airy and inviting the kitchen will appear. For instance, a glorious shade of yellow can make the kitchen feel large, clean and fresh. Try lemon yellow or a deep orange citrus shade to create a tropical ambiance.

Try Textured

If you want to add real pizazz to your ordinary kitchen think about using faux finish paint. Today, home improvement stores or paint stores sell pre-made paint that is already prepared to look like a particular faux finish with a simple stroke of a paint brush. For example, there are faux finish paints that look like leather, suede and other popular materials.

Be Bi-colored

If you want to be different and step away from the ordinary single paint color, go for it with two or even three shades of the same color that you do like. For example, paint the ceiling one shade of pink and the walls another shade of pink. Do the trim and moldings in yet another hue for a truly three of four dimensional appearance.

Moldings and Trim

Keep the kitchen walls and ceiling white or even a light beige shade and then paint the moldings or baseboards a different shade. Be bold, think fun, exciting, inviting. Try navy, red, green or even yellow to make a statement that neighbors will surely be talking about for a long time after visiting your home for a cocktail party.

Cool Ceiling

How about painting the kitchen ceiling only instead of the walls? Go for a fun pattern, maybe stripes or something shocking like purple and leave the walls white. You can also wallpaper the ceiling and leave the walls plain for an unusual statement.

Create a Scene

Either paint a landscape scene from your favorite city on your main kitchen wall or go for an abstract graphic design that you can draw either free-hand or use a transfer or stencil or try painter’s tape to deliver an abstract graphic design.

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