Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2005 Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2005

Thinking of remodeling your kitchen, or simply adding some new touches to give your kitchen an up-to-date flair? New kitchen trends for 2005 focus on opening up the space of your kitchen, storing your appliances and accessories in unusual and visually striking ways. From stylish stainless steel to do-it-yourself colorful wall tiling to practical, sturdy quartz, read on to find out about some of the major kitchen trends for 2005 and give yourself ideas to spice up your own kitchen:

According to a survey conducted on, 72 percent of people planning on remodeling their kitchens are considering undertaking a painting or wallpaper job. Choosing a color scheme is the biggest decision one must make when repainting one's kitchen. Every year color industry experts predict color palettes that will be prevalent in order to aid in the color planning of one's home. For 2005, some of these color schemes include radiant warm earth tones such as grainy yellows, deep apricots, burnt hennas, tropical violets, bright pinks, and electric blues. Or you might opt for decorating with softer soothing neutral colors with peachy pinks, cool grays, warm taupes, pale mauves and creamy bananas - essentially earthy pastels which will transform your kitchen into a relaxing retreat. Finally, you might rather choose a brighter lively and playful palette of 50s and 60s inspired tones including vibrant lemons, limes, lavenders, pinks, reds and oranges, which add a bolder look to your kitchen.

Another trend we will be seeing in home colors next year are hues infused with light, bringing a refreshing aura of optimism into the home. Brighter and fresher shades that add a glow to the home, and at the same time a sense of peace and calm are becoming in style. Expect to see gently glowing shades of coral and rose, airy blues, refreshing greens, and crisp whitened yellows. We will also see a continuation in the metallic tones popular this year, but in more muted, earthy tones, such as zinc and pewter metallics which project a burnished, antiqued look, and nicely compliment the spicy accent colors of the rich, warm earth tones.

Adding colorful tiles to the backsplash of a kitchen is becoming a popular and easy way to add a new, sophisticated look to the room. Tiles allow the decorator to be creative and experiment with different tones, dramatically livening up the kitchen space in a simple, inexpensive way.

2005 offers many different options in making more dramatic changes to your kitchen. Of the people surveyed, 74 percent are looking into having countertops replaced in their kitchens. There is quite a variety in trends of countertop material. Quartz countertops in particular are a hot trend, and as they offer great durability, resistance to wear and tear, stains, scratches and very high temperatures. For a relatively low price, they are proving to be a very practical choice. They come in a wide range of colors, are lightweight, and are more sanitary than most other types of counters, retaining less moisture and therefore less bacteria. Composite, a 65 percent quartz and 35 percent acrylic mixture, offers durability with a shiny look.

Granite, another durable material for countertops, is a popular choice, and is becoming more affordable as granite prices drop. Concrete surfaces are a trendy new option, which add style to any kitchen. Also popular is stainless steel, which coordinates well with trendy stainless steel appliances. However, both of these materials are not as strong as one might expect. Concrete is particularly fragile and is vulnerable to burns and stains. Sealers can help, but not completely protect a concrete surface. Steel also can show wear and tear, scratches, and fingerprints. Marble remains an always stylish, but expensive option for countertops.

Kitchen islands are becoming a staple in modern kitchens. 30 percent of people interviewed were thinking about having an island installed into their kitchen. While styles and options for kitchen islands remain quite diverse, they share in common being large, permanent additions which act as the kitchen center. Islands are an ideal place for gathering around in the kitchen. They add more counter space to the kitchen, and some may have sink fixtures built into them. Many feature extensive sets of drawers and cabinets, or open storage space and shelves under their counter surfaces. Some even have built-in wine racks. There are enough possibilities that almost any kitchen can find the perfect island to meet its needs.

Those who do not have the space or do not want to invest in something as pricey and permanent as a kitchen island, but want similar benefits, can look into cheaper and more flexible alternatives that imitate the concept of the kitchen island. In particular, rolling carts of many different styles, ranging from lightweight metal to heavy-duty wood, are becoming popular centerpieces for a kitchen. They feature drawers, spacious shelves and places to hang large utensils off the sides. These pieces have some of the same advantages of kitchen islands and can easily be cleared out of the way if need be.

Sinks are taking on new looks and innovative styles that can add a modern and fun look to a kitchen. A distinctively shaped sink becomes a striking attraction in your kitchen. Some designs include geometrically shaped glass sinks, and stainless steel sinks with long, narrow stream-shaped basins. A contemporary sink gives a stylish flair to a kitchen while still remaining functional.

Purchasing new accessories is the easiest way to change around the look of a kitchen, and the possibilities are far and wide. Again, any appliance or accessory made of stainless steel is very in and available right now. From blenders and toasters to refrigerators and professional-style oven ranges, stainless steel products are easy to coordinate with each other and lend a modern edge to a kitchen. Those who want the look but not the price may opt for steel finished appliances and accessories.

Unique overhead light fixtures can really enhance a kitchen with a stylish finesse. The array of styles available is vast, but the trend seems to be that hanging fixtures are in, with popular styles including rows of at least three matching, low-hanging light fixtures in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and a wide range of styles of chandeliers - from twisting metal pieces, to colorful, arty glass and plastic models. A one-of-a-kind light fixture can brighten the atmosphere of any kitchen.

Many trends are based around opening up the space of a kitchen. Hanging overhead pot racks are becoming a popular storage unit with a fun look that clears up the frustrating clutter of all your cookware. Hanging smaller cooking utensils on the backsplash is also an alternative which conveniently creates more room. More kitchens are seeing do-it-yourself shelving suspended under cabinets, in corners, over the oven, serving as a fine way to store your appliances and kitchenware, displaying it neatly, while at the same time clearing up much counter space.

The spice rack is being reinvented with styles that let the colors and textures of the spices themselves season up your kitchen while organizing them neatly and compactly. One look that is popular is clear glass tubes which store your spices with a cork lid, attractively housing and displaying the spices for convenient use. Other designs focus on organization and ease of use, with rows of spices stacked and contained in rotating carousels. There are even some new spice rack models that feature automatic measuring knobs, truly giving any kitchen counter a modern flavor.

The possibilities for redesigning your kitchen for the new year are almost endless, whether you're looking to punch up your kitchen with a few new accessories, clear up the clutter, or perform a large-scale makeover. As 2005 kitchen trends focus on combining the practical with the stylish, it's easy to achieve an updated look while tuning into your own style and tastes to make your kitchen a fun, comfortable and functional space.

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