Kneewall Kneewall

A kneewall is usually a non load bearing wall in the attic that helps add space to the house without actually increasing the size of the house. A kneewall is usually at or below knee’s height which is where it gets its name from. Usually it’s below 48”. The important part of using the space that the kneewall provides is the insulation. If the area is not properly insulated it can cause discomfort and a big loss of energy.

How to Insulate an Attic Kneewall

The goal of the following steps is to install an airtight insulation on the attic side of the kneewall.

  • Start off by cutting and installing insulation on the attic side of the kneewall.
  • Next, you want to sheath the space that will not have heating or cooling with foam or another kind of sheathing. This will allow for less random airflow to occur.
  • Find and seal any perimeter joints you can. It’s best to do this with caulk or spray foam.
  • Finally, make sure to insulate and seal the kneewall door. Many times this door will not be insulated which causes major heat loss. Surprisingly, this small gap can cause a leak that is equal to the amount of air supplied by a heating duct.

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