Knotty Pine Furniture: Picking the Best Boards

If you’re choosing boards to make knotty pine furniture, you can almost rest assured that the furniture will look great when finished. Knotty pine is an attractive and distinctive wood used in furniture, flooring, and paneling. There are a few things to watch for when choosing your wood.

Knotty Pine Furniture Shows Detail
When choosing your boards, look for splits, cracks, dings, and chips. You’ll want to choose boards that are in the most perfect condition possible. Even if you have to pay extra for the smoothest, best boards (and would rather go with more inexpensive boards), remember that the quality of the finished product is directly related to the quality of the wood you choose. And when the wood is stained, those chips and dings might be more obvious than you'd want them to be. Be sure the wood is straight and not warped.

More Knots or Less?
If you want knotty pine furniture, you must love the look of the grain and the knots. Choose your boards wisely, according to how many details they contain. If the amount of detail is a bit overwhelming for one board, it will be more so when it’s stained. Staining only brings out the knots, flaws, and other distinctive details of the wood.