Know About Your Baseboards

Baseboards are the finishing touch between the flooring and wall. There are several different types of baseboards that compliment decorating styles in homes.

Baseboard Types

There are several different types of baseboards and depending on your home style and the application, they can be simple, ornate and even practical.

Simple Styles – Many homeowners find that a simple flat baseboard is more than adequate for their needs. Baseboards can be painted or finished so that they match the walls or provide contrast to the wall color. For example, homes decorated in a Spanish style often have simple baseboards that are installed but painted or stained in a dark color, matching the heavier or darker wood styles often found in this type of home.

Victorian Styles – Victorian homes often reflect the ornate and baroque styles of decoration that were common to that period. Traditional wood baseboards can be replicated today not only in traditional materials, but also in plastic or vinyl molding that can be much less expensive. Spindles are often installed at corners, making miter cuts for interior and exterior corners more simple or even unnecessary.

Practical Styles – Another newer innovation for home and business baseboards is the cable baseboard. This type of baseboard has a conduit inside or along the top of it that allows for cords and wiring to be placed inside. This safely removes these unsightly items from view.