Know the Dangers Associated with Epoxy Paint

Epoxy paints are commonly used in concrete floors, laundry room floors and even bars because it is considered as one the strongest paint that has the ability to resist oil accumulation, grease and dirt among the contaminants. It is also proven for easy cleaning and very ideal to be used as floor surface. But its ability to strengthen the floor and other areas also comes with the danger in using it. In order to prevent this, you may consider the following.

Use Mask

While painting the floors for instance, you may use a mask to cover your nose and some areas of your face. The chemicals in epoxy paint are very strong that it can cause occupational asthma once inhaled often. It can also lead to lung inflammation so better let the paint dry first before going back to the work area.

Use White Vinegar and Alcohol

Once done with using epoxy paint, you may use white vinegar and a rubbing alcohol to clean the parts of your skin that has excess paint. These methods are very safe and effective in cleaning the human skin.

Use Electric Fans

You can make use of fans for quick drying the surface with paint too. It also provides a better air exchange to easily eradicate the unpleasant smell brought by the wet paint.

Using epoxy paint in floors is proven effective, but you should also consider your health and safety.