Knowing All the Parts of a Garbage Disposal

A garbage disposal is comprised of a number of garbage disposal parts whose common purpose is to dispose of food particles that need to be properly thrown away. Sometimes, throwing away garbage by means of placing it in a garbage bag and throwing it outside the house is not the most efficient. You’ll need the help of a garbage disposal by your kitchen sink to grind leftover food particles for easier and more efficient disposal. 

Each part of the garbage disposal is very important to grinding food and other wastes in order for them to be sent easily out of your home to the garbage through the use of a pipe. 

It is important that you know the functions of each garbage disposal part so that it will be easier to understand the problem if your garbage disposal needs fixing.

The Stopper

You can see this part by looking into the drain of your kitchen sink. This part touches the food first in the process of disposing your sink’s waste. It has the appearance similar to that of the plug of a sink drain. It has a movement that opens and closes so that the food or waste can pass through it easily. The sink flange is an open gasket that has a circular shape. It is attached to the stopper and hopper. These two parts are located below. The hopper also has a similar gasket that supports and fastens the sink flange.

The Hopper

The chamber of the hopper piece looks like a sink drain that is turned upside-down. It pushes the food waste and food particles into the shredder of the disposal. The hopper is located under the sink, and this part can only be seen by opening the cabinets. The hopper is connected to the stopper of the switch which ends function. Also present is a dishwasher inlet that removes unwanted waste and food substances that get lodged into the garbage disposal. The hopper part of the garbage disposal ends at the clamping ring. The clamping ring attaches the hopper to the stopper of the garbage disposal.

The Shredder

The shredder piece of the garbage disposal starts where the clamping ring piece stops. After the clamping ring, there is a motor house gasket which can be described as a thin washer made of rubber. After this part are the shredder and impaler parts of the garbage disposal that work together to grind the food substances that need to be disposed of. The shredder part is shaped like a circular, open piece that has a rotating motion in order to shove the food particles into the impaler part of the garbage disposal. The shredder and the impaler then simultaneously break the food substances into little, tiny pieces through a number of slots, blades, and holes. The ground food then goes to the drain housing, then out a drain disposal pipe for proper disposal.