Knowing How Often to Calibrate Your Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is used on nuts and bolts that need to be really secured tight, such as lug nuts. The wrench comes with a dial attached to one of its ends, while a wrench occupies the other end. Make sure that you know the specifications made by the manufacturer before you try to torque down anything since the specs will be used in adjusting the dial to what the manufacturer had suggested. Make sure that you are working on a nut that is free from debris and dirt that may affect the wrench. You may add a little lubricant if you have to but no more than a drop or two is advised.

How to Use a Torque Wrench

The process of using a torque wrench is pretty simple. Just put the wrench on a nut and make a turn. Keep on doing it until it feels like the wrench has slipped from the nut. Some describe it as a feeling that the wrench has been broken. The action is the way of the torque wrench of letting you know that you have applied the necessary amount of torque.

Torque Defined

Torque can be defined as a twisting or turning force. It is the result of a force application on a given distance from a known axis and is recorded in units that are determined by multiplying force by distance.

Why Should You Calibrate a Torque Wrench?

A calibration of a torque wrench is necessary so that its accuracy can be verified. It is also done to measure the reliability of the measurements done by the wrench. The allowed calibration error is set at 5 percent. There are several kinds of torque wrenches that are suited for a variety of jobs but each needs to be calibrated properly in order for the tool to do its job.

How Often to Calibrate the Tool

The frequency in calibrating the torque wrench depends on the user and on the frequency of use. There are no strict standards that are being followed for the frequency of calibration. However, it is useful to know that the readings have a tendency to change between 2500 to 2800 repetitions. Hence it is recommended that you calibrate your wrench when you have made 2500 repetitions.

Why is it Important to know When to Calibrate your Torque Wrench

If you know the frequency with which to calibrate your torque wrench, it will be possible to avoid errors in meter readings. In addition, if the error on the torque goes beyond the acceptable limit, you will need to have your tool repaired, since it is never recommended that you use a correction factor. You need to replace your torque wrench if the cost of repair goes more than 30 percent over the cost of a new tool. The dial in a torque wrench is an indicator that will tell you when to stop applying force during the tightening process. By knowing when to calibrate your tool, you will be able to know that the correct torque has been successfully applied every time.