The 6 Types of Electric Gate Fence

wood entrance gate
  • 4-15 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-2,000

Homes that have an electric fence gate are more secure and private. These kinds of gated homes can be found in subdivisions where there could be a gated entry or in single residential homes with a lot of land the owner wants to keep private from trespassers.

There are two different types of electrical gates, many different automatic gate options and many different types of fences. We will discuss them more in detail here.

1. Swing Gate

Swing gates have, in the past, been manually opened and closed. But these days, the manual operations of these gates have begun to be mechanized.

A swing gate may have either a single panel or a double panel. Double panel swing gates are used more in bigger properties whose entrance needs a larger double panel in order to accommodate it.

Swing gates can be made from wrought iron, aluminum or wood. Wood is generally used by homeowners who do not want to be easily seen from the outside. As the name swing gate implies, this kind of gate swings outward or inward when opened with an automatic gate opener.

2. Sliding Gate

wood gate

Sliding gates also have been used manually in the past. They have become automated now and are similar to the swing gate in all aspects except that instead of swinging, sliding gates slide open.

There is usually a wheel attached to the sliding gate that slides along a track of some sort to open. A chain that is attached to a motor moves to open and close this kind of gate.

This kind of gate is a good fit for a residence located on a busy street to allow for a quick opening that doesn’t take up too much space as it opens. Sliding gates also have the option of being made from wrought iron, aluminum, or wood.

3. Types of Automatic Gates

Automatic gates also vary greatly. Mostly swing and sliding gates are operated by motors attached to pulleys or chains that pull gates open, though very slowly.

Swinging gates need bigger motors than sliding gates because more energy is needed to move in a swinging motion than a sliding motion.

4. Remote or Automatic Detection

Some automatic gates open when a car drives up and its occupant triggers the remote sensor. These gates work automatically to open but are partially manual because someone is needed to push the button.

Some automatic gate openers work to detect the presence of a car or a person and will automatically open for entrance.

5. Battery-Powered Gates

metal driveway gate

Battery-powered gates have an advantage over electric gates connected to the power grid in that they can be located anywhere. Being in proximity to the power grid and power lines are not required.

6. Solar-Powered Gates

With the trend of many homeowners turning towards green energy, automatic gate openers have an option of being solar-powered.

Solar panels are located near the gate and gather sunlight energy and turn it into electrical energy and store it in a battery. This stored energy is used whenever the gates open or close.