Knowing the Different Parts of Your Wood Shaper Knowing the Different Parts of Your Wood Shaper

A wood shaper is complex piece of equipment that you will find in a commercial woodworking shop. It can cut and shape wood to produce a wide variety of wooden objects such as furniture, molding, frames, head boards and many others. Using a wood shaper requires that you take safety precautions and operate it while under strict supervision. It can be very dangerous if not used properly. It is also important to learn about the different parts of a wood shaper before using one.

Base or Router Table

A commercial wood shaper is mounted on a base which looks like a large router table. The operating controls are attached to the base bottom. The base also serves as the work area, allowing the stock of wood to lay flat on its surface. This is where the wood cutting or shaping is done. It's quite impossible to shape or cut a stock of wood perfectly without it. It's as important as the cutter and point of operation. A commercial wood shaper can be quite heavy and the base acts as its support.

Operating Controls

The optional operating controls that you can find by the base allow added convenience when using your wood shaper. You will be able to manage or control your work without having to lift a hand. You can control whether the cutter should continue or not just by pressing on the controls by foot, similar to sewing machines.

Power Transmission

The motor or engine running the wood shaper is also attached to the base, spindle and rotating cutter or blade. However, it's usually enclosed to prevent dust and debris from contaminating the engine or rotor. The enclosure also lessens the noise and prevents serious accidents.

Rotating Cutter and Spindle

This is where the blade is attached to. It's what cuts and shapes your stock of wood. Never try to touch it or go near it when you are using the equipment. If the blade needs replacement, make sure you proceed with caution. Finally, ensure that the blade is secured to the rotating component of the wood shaper securely.

The spindle is where your rotating cutter is attached to. Make sure that these two are attached securely at all times, especially when you have just replaced the blade of the rotating cutter.

Attachments and Add-ons

There are a lot of attachments you can add to a wood shaper. These add-ons will allow your equipment to perform other functions. It's a versatile tool that can create a series of wood objects, thanks to the various add-ons available in the market today. There are various spindles that can be attached to your wood shaper to come up with various shapes, sizes and designs in your wood stock.


Your wood shapers have guards that guide and direct the wood as you shape it into something. Use those guards instead of your fingers and hands as a precaution. You'll never know when your fingers slip or the wood retaliates because the direction of the cutter was set incorrectly, resulting to an accident.

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