Knowing the Different Working Parts of Your Electric Furnace

An electric furnace has several different parts. While it is not recommended that you become familiar with all of them, you should at least learn some of the more important ones. This way, should your electric furnace ever break down or have any issues, you will be able to know what to look for. The more that you know about the parts in your electric furnace, the better off you will be with the one that you own. Getting a strong and basic knowledge about at least a few of the parts is a great start in learning about each and every working part in your electric furnace.


The contactor in your electric furnace is basically a control that is there to help to get the voltage switched to your furnace heating element. What this means is that it has a lot to do with your thermostat. If your thermostat for your electric furnace does not have very high voltage, then this means that the contactor will be energized by the thermostat. Once your thermostat itself is content with the temperature, then the contactor will then turn the heat off by opening up the connection. Your electric furnace is not going to be able to do you much good without your contactor. You will need this in order to keep the temperature in your home nice and comfortable during the winter season.


A sequencer used on an electric furnace is something that will turn your heating elements either on or off. It can do this to more than one should this be necessary. A sequencer is needed because it helps to keep the current spike down. This is something that can happen whenever your electrical device becomes energized in any way. It does not take much for your electrical device to become energized. This is why it is so important, because should all of the elements of your unit become energized all at once, it could cause the breaker itself to completely blow or at least trip the fuse. You could have a lot of trouble on your hands should this be something that happens often as it can become very expensive over time.


The transformer of your electric furnace is what is needed in order to supply the power for your electric furnace. A transformer is something that will transfer all of the electrical energy that goes from one circuit into another. What many people do not realize is that there is more than one current that will go through the core that is in your electric furnace. The primary current will cause a magnetic field that will go through the secondary’s winding. If there happens to be a load that is connected to your secondary, then you will find that the electric current itself will easily flow in through the winding of the secondary. This means that the electrical energy of the current will get transferred to the load from your primary circuit.